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Be sure to check out these recent stories on coercive control:

Financial Times: Why Domestic Abuse is an Employer’s Business Too

This UK source discusses the unique opportunity businesses have to impact the lives of domestic violence victims in their workforce: “Domestic abuse is about control, and a workplace may be the one place [people] come to where they are on their own, so it’s an incredible opportunity to offer the support they need.” Focusing on the financial impacts of domestic violence, including lower productivity, lost wages and even lost jobs, this piece highlights not only why businesses should care about addressing DV, but how one company is doing just that. This piece is of particular interest to us, as we hope to one day work to develop an appropriate HR training informed by a proper understanding of coercive control and the lasting impacts of trauma.

Law.Com: Companies Can Help Employees Who Face Domestic Violence

This North American source, written by an attorney, discusses specific policies and practices employers can utilize to combat domestic violence and the impacts of coercive control on employees.

The Daily Mail: The Abuse That Leaves No Bruises

The Daily Mail (a UK source) highlights the stories of three survivors of domestic violence, including the impacts of coercive control. "Coercive control is like cancer: everybody knows somebody who's been affected. It's only when you start to speak openly about it, without shame, that it prompts others to start to take a closer and more honest look at their own experiences." These victims' stories are powerful and worth a read.

Psychology Today: 11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting

"Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality." It is often a key component an abuser utilizes to establish a coercive control dynamic with their victim. This is a helpful list outlining how the tactic works and how to recognize it. As you read through these 11 signs, be sure to look for ways in which gaslighting may occur outside of intimate relationships. We plan to write about gaslighting in context of public discourse in the future and this is a great primer for that!

The New Yorker: The Trial of Noor Salman and its Shocking Disregard for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Noor Salman was the wife of Pulse Night Club shooter, Omar Matteen, who murdered 49 people. She was also a victim of coercive control, who Rachel Louise Snyder writes, was failed by the justice system and charged for a crime (of which she was just acquitted) because they lacked an understanding of the experiences of victims of coercive control. It is important for law enforcement and professionals throughout the legal system to understand how victims may behave when they are operating under duress and fear for their own or their children's safety. This is a powerful and important read.