What the "Collective" In Coercive Control Collective Means

In creating this site several months ago, our ultimate goal was to create a space where we could begin to share information about the concept of coercive control and some of the ideas our research on the area has inspired. We are both graduate students at the University of Texas, but we have been reading on this topic for the past five years. We intentionally created the Coercive Control Collective with a variety of goals in mind, beginning first with sharing what we had most readily at our disposal: our own perspective!

That being said, we have had some questions about why we have called this site a “Collective”. We were mindful when we created the site to use the word “collective” because we wanted the site to ultimately become:

  • A space where we share a collection of ideas on coercive control, including some of our own.

  • A space that serves as a collection of resources.

Our own efforts over the past several months have laid a foundation for creating this space, but there is much more we want the “Collective” in our name to mean:

  • We are a space where experts in related fields can share their own ideas about coercive control.

  • We are a space where we can form coalitions and facilitate collaborations with experts in related fields to combat coercive control through public policy, prevention and education.

  • We are a space where we can share information about public policy, prevention and education efforts in different areas of the United States and other areas that might be relevant to the United States.

If you think there are resources related to these points that could be helpful but have not yet been highlighted on this site, we welcome you to reach out and share them with us. We created this space with specific goals, but our long-term goals can’t be reached without engaging and collaborating with experts, thought leaders, policy professionals, and organizations that serve victims and survivors of coercive control.

Written by Chelsea Brass & Abigail Hazlett