Film: "Jennifer, 42"

Did you know that some amazing filmmakers are currently working on developing an animated documentary about coercive control? According to the website, the film tells the true story of a woman and her three children as they survive a "brutally abusive marriage" that ended in tragedy, the family's eventual escape, and their battle to escape from the violence and coercive control of the family patriarch. The film explores this through multi-voice narrative featuring Jennifer's three children, her best friend and experts involved directly with the case. The filmmakers believe that this approach, coupled with animation, "allows a wider audience to experience and understand the most private and common kind of violence against women and children and the obstacles they face in bringing the violence to light and setting themselves free."

This looks to be a powerful film and we cannot wait to see it (release date has not been announced yet)! If you have the time, we also encourage you to check out the film's blog, which currently features a general welcome to website readers and a write-up of the filmmaker's takeaways from an interview with Dr. Evan Stark. The writer is able to distill the most important aspects of Dr. Stark's argument about the need for a coercive control framework and the true nature of domestic violence into a very easy to read and short post. It's worth a read!

Written by Abigail Hazlett